I love basketball, so I took my 95 year old father to a University of Nebraska basketball game last week.  He really enjoys getting out and even though he has macular degeneration and thus can’t see very well.  He really enjoys the noise and cheering and fun of a university game.  He has been a longtime supporter of UNL as he has owned 4 seats for Nebraska football ever since the 40’s when he returned home from the war and settled down to farm and raise his family.  These seats are on the 45 yard line and are 32 rows up.  I can tell you that these are “near” perfect seats and are very coveted in Nebraska.  My sisters and I now enjoy those seats and are benefitting from his commitment and vision that he had those many, many years ago.  He knew it was important to believe, support, work, commit, and sacrifice for these many things that he believed in.  How BLESSED we ALL are for those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much for our freedom and opportunity.  If we all stay committed to what is true, good, pure, and helpful to mankind, we can expect the next generations to prosper as we have.