Two of Oxbow's wonderful sales team members, Lindsay and Fei, are currently in Shanghai for Pet Fair Asia.  It's been wonderful hearing updates about the show and the experience.  Something I learned years ago is that the love for small pets is universal.  Small pets are very popular in China, which is evident by the reception the Oxbow team has received at the show.  Our first international shipment left our farm in 1997, almost twenty years ago.  In the years that have followed, our international business has grown year in and year out.  We take great pride in providing premium nutrition to pets not just domestically, but all over the world.  Some days, it still boggles my mind that products manufactured or packaged in Murdock, Nebraska are enjoyed by pets in Italy, Germany, China, and many other countries.  What a world we live in!  Here's to the love and care of pet onwners all over the planet.