Each holiday season, we feel blessed to be able to make a donation to a deserving organization working to make the world a better place - for people, animals, or, better yet, both.  This year, we provided a gift to a truly special organization - Bunnies in Baskets.  We met the BIB folks at Midwest BunFest in Ohio earlier this year, and were immediately taken by their kindness and mission.  Run fully by volunteers, Bunnies in Baskets works to resuce, foster, and adopt neglected, abused, an/or abandoned rabbits.  What's even more amazing is what some of those special bunnies do next. 

The most affectionate, outgoing, and "people-curious" rabbits are trained to visit individuals in need.  Through a series of activities, these special bunnies provide therapy assistance in the form of animal assisted activities, animal assisted therapy, and animal support services.  Some examples of these activities include therapy settings where the bunnies help promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, or cognitive function.

The positive effects that animals can have on human health and wellness is well documented and inspiring.  For many, the companionship and love of a pet is an everyday comfort and joy.  But, there are many others who may not be in a position to care for a pet in their present situation or otherwise.  For these individuals, it's so heartwarming to know that there are good people like those at Bunnies in Baskets who are willing to bring the companionship, affection, and interaction of animals to them in their time of need.