In just over a week, the Oxbow crew will be heading south to Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Global Pet Expo.  Oxbow has attended Global for many years, and it serves as one of the primary stages to reveal new products, new packaging, and new innovations in general.  Global, like many other industry trade events, is also a great opportunity to connect with both longtime partners, new partners, and future partners.  For me, it's always exciting to walk the massive show floor and "explore."  I love to see what others are doing in the small animal industry, as well as in other industries.  Rather than just casually glancing at what other companies are doing, I think it's even more interesting to truly explore - to ask questions, to listen, to see where other people's passions lie.  From the beginning, innovation has helped shape the way Oxbow approaches business.  The same holds true today, as our sales and marketing teams are working busily on preparing the latest round of new materials to reveal at the show.  In the words of marine biologist Edith Widder, "Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.  Innovation drives economic growth.  So, let's all go exploring."