Last week, a special group of young people stopped by Oxbow for a tour and Q&A session.  The group was from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Engler Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program.  The Engler Program was created with the support of the Paul F. and Virginia J. Engler Foundation and is designed to facilitate entrepreneurship potential. 

As a native Nebraskan and UNL graduate, Paul Engler went on to start the world's largest privately owned cattle feeding operation.  Paul is a native of Stuart, Nebraska and started down the entrepreneurial path at a very young age, working at his father’s gas station for fifty cents a day at age nine and buying his first cattle herd at age twelve.  He donated $20 million to create the Engler Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  His generosity will foster agricultural entrepreneurship in young Nebraskans and UNL students for many years.          

I feel honored to serve on the advisory board for the Engler Entrepreneurship Program.  Being associated with and helping uphold Paul’s vision is an honor and important responsibility.  As I told last week’s group, my goal is to help young, aspiring entrepreneurs start out with the knowledge that took me thirty years to learn.  Helping the next generation of entrepreneurs with a head start in this regard can only help to strengthen the future of business for all of us.  

To learn more about the Engler Entrepreneurship Program, click here.